Project Synopsis

Zona Industrial is an anthropomorphic audiovisual installation. It showcases Portuguese textile and manufacturing industries and surrounding cultural acts, culminating in a one-night event during Paris Fashion Week SS2020 in September 2019. Six digital windows transport the visitor to another space, a 1:1 look inside fashion production facilities, their workers and machines, as if one was standing right next to them. And in between, scenes from landscapes near our hometown of Porto. A bridge between layers of existence, of technology and nature, civilization and geography, a meta-game of juxtaposition that dilutes and, at the same time, highlights the peculiarities and paradoxes of current digital life.

Zona Industrial

Video Coverage

Technical Information

6 P4 RGB Modular LED Panel Structures — each w/ 4000 x 2000 x 200 millimetres
6 Live Controlled Soundtracks — each w/ 300 Watts Active Speaker Systems
6 Aluminum Modular Truss Structures
6 P5 RGB Stage Spotlights
8 Ceiling-mounted RGB Wall Washers
1 Live Videomapping Control Room

Immersive Installation

Pedro Galego
Fábio Cerqueira

Video Production

Tânia Franco
Bernardo Coelho

Sound Design

Pedro Bento

Live Videomapping

Pedro Galego
Joana Carneiro

Production Team

Bernardo Santos
Eliana Macedo
Fábio Cerqueira
Joana Carneiro
Miguel Moura
Pedro Bento
Pedro Galego
Tânia Franco

Commissioned by

Miguel Flor

Promoted by

Cenit / Anivec

Exhibition Host

Galerie Nikki
Diana Marquardt

Many Thanks to

Daniel Vidinha
Jorge Valente
Pedro Sousa
Ricardo Magalhães
Vitor Dias

Project Coverage


Joana Carneiro
Tânia Franco
Alek Katar for

Video Director

Tânia Franco

Original Soundtrack

Pedro Bento

Graphic Design

Catarina Freitas