Project Synopsis

Post-Print blends digital and analogue. A research project by visual designer Serafim Mendes exploring the synergy between augmented reality (AR) and graphic design as a more engaging experience for the user. Through the Post-Print app, interactive 3D content comes to life when a layer of depth and movement is added to the 2D printed design. The physical installation, a floating metal structure showcasing the posters on black lightboxes, designed and produced by Mecha Studio, is meant as a statement that raw materials and the virtual realm, like humans and machines, can coexist in creative, cultural and social interactions.

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Technical Information

1 iron square-beam structure — 4415 x 535 x 410 millimeters
15 back-lit printed posters — 485 x 360 millimeters
8 custom double-sided light boxes — 25+ meters of white LED strip
8 black and white 5mm acrylic showcase frames — 370 x 370 x 495 millimeters
8 integrated power circuits w/ detachable XLR cable connections
8 custom ceiling-mounted hooks — 16+ meters of steel cable

Project / AR App /
Graphic Design & 3D

Serafim Mendes

Installation Concept /

Pedro Galego
Fábio Cerqueira

Exhibition Design

Pedro Galego

Production Team

António Cerqueira
Eliana Macedo
Fábio Cerqueira
Miguel Moura
Pedro Galego
Rui Silva
Serafim Mendes
Tom Rider

Exhibition Hosts

Mecha Studio
ESAD Matosinhos
Porto Design Biennale /
Galeria Municipal do Porto

Many Thanks to

Ana Luísa Montenegro
Diana Ferreira
Maria Moura
Ricardo Cardoso
Tom Rider

Project Coverage


Inês Leal
Joana Carneiro

Video Director

Tânia Franco

Original Soundtrack

Kevin Pires

Graphic Design

Catarina Freitas