Project Synopsis

Chromatic Interfaces are a series of audio-reactive visual installations. An ongoing collaboration with Porto music label XXIII, meant to explore experimental live visuals for events. A blend of coloured lights, digital art and graphic design is displayed on continually evolving combinations of custom-made installations, LED screens, projection video-mapping and stage lights. Our creative interpretation of music's potential to generate excitement, empathy, and contagious energy. In each event, the audience is startled by unusual scenic presentations highlighting the musical performances in unexpected ways, as sound viscerally transforms the world around it.

Zona Industrial

Video Coverage

Technical Information

+20 Parties throughout Porto since 2016
+150 Hours of Visual Live Performance
+50 Colored Stage Lights
+30m2 of LED Panels and Videomapped Visuals
+20m custom-built LED Strip Installations
+10 custom-programmed MIDI and DMX Controllers
1 Enduring Laptop 
Too Many DMX Cables :)

Visual Installation /
Stage Design /
Live perfomance

Mecha Studio

Production Team

Fábio Cerqueira
Joana Carneiro
Miguel Moura
Pedro Galego
Rui Silva
Tom Rider

Event Hosts

Hard Club
Maus Hábitos
Pérola Negra

Many Thanks to

Francisca Cunha
Nuno Matos
Nuno Vieira
Pedro Bento
Tiago Torres

Project Coverage


Bruno Salgado
Pedro MKK

Video Director

Tânia Franco

Video Soundtrack

Cash From Hash

Graphic Design

Catarina Freitas