A Brave New World

The year is 2017. A community of creators, curators, and future-makers join forces to open up a portal to a brave new world—a dimension both utopian and dystopian that uses the potential of technology to generate new realities known as MECHA.

While humanity rashly embraces singularity, Mecha merges layers of technology and creativity as an entirely new way of connecting people and redefining the borders around us, seeking to discover the aesthetics of our time.

From virtual reality to interactive installations and digital art that will blow your mind, they create future-focused interactive media and a lot of other strange, amazing, cool, stuff.

Whether we are talking art, music, games, or other inspiring digital content, Mecha means unlocking new ways of feeling to come upon realities never experienced before, always looking forward to the next big thing!

Follow Mecha Studio and immerse yourself in sparkling oblivion!

The Next Big Thing!

  • Virtual Reality
  • Interactive Instalations
  • 360º Video & Livestream
  • Videomapping
  • Digital Art

Immerse Yourself

Reach us at:

[email protected]

Find us at:
Rua Adolfo Casais Monteiro, 83A
4050-013 Porto, Portugal, Earth, Milky Way


Connecting People